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The pumps of the APM series are high pressure Multicellular Centrifugal Pumps.

  • These pumps are used to transfer clean or slightly dirty fluids that do not contain abrasive materials.
  • The hydraulic operating characteristics follow the ISO 9906 Gr II standard.
  • The range comprises different sizes for optimum yields and good NPSH values.
  • The standard direction of rotation from the coupling is clockwise, however there are many arrangements according to the customer’s need, in which the direction of rotation can be changed.

APM Serie

    • The suction and discharge bodies are designed with flanges PN 16 to PN40 depending on the size.
    • The pump feet are located on the suction and discharge bodies and can be repositioned to suit the type of installation.
    • The stages are fastened externally by means of straps.
    • The horizontal axis, (vertical on request), is supported by double support, with grease lubricated bearings.
    • Closed impellers
    • The pumps are designed to work with temperatures up to 90-110º Celsius (construction with packing or mechanical seal respectively). For higher temperatures, external cooling or special mechanical seals are used.
    • The design used in our pumps to compensate the axial load is of rear closing rings and for high pressures they use a compensation drum.
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