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The Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps of the CP range are highly reliable pumps with very high performance. They can work in very harsh conditions and constant over time. The sturdiness of its structure allows a long duration and a reduced maintenance.

CP Serie

  • The CP range is a double-flow, split-case, diffuserless, single-stage or two-stage, replaceable slip rings. The in-line suction and impulse flanges are an integral part of the lower body to allow easy disassembly of the moving parts, avoiding disconnection of the pipes, always guaranteeing perfect alignment and avoiding vibration problems.


    The impellers have been designed with the highest technology to ensure the best performance within the useful field of each pump. Depending on the model, two impellers can be incorporated in a back arrangement, one impeller with double suction, so that the axial thrust is always compensated.

    Hydraulic sealing is achieved by packing with shaft sleeve or optionally by balanced mechanical seal.

    It is suitable for lifting clean or lightly loaded liquids.

    Pumping of liquids up to 100ºC. In the mechanical seal version it can reach 160ºC.

    Standard manufacture in horizontal construction. Horizontal arrangement on request.

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