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Pressure equipment with multicellular speed regulator HYDRO VAR series incorporates the latest technical advances in speed variation, are to transfer clean water, without additives, which can damage the materials of the equipment,

Equipment Control Pressure equipment

  • Equipment for pressurized water distribution in large installations, residential buildings, commercial premises, industries, or any type of installation that requires a constant water pressure, an autonomous installation with low maintenance and silent.

    In the HYDRO VAR series the most important features are :

    • Execution of 1 to 6 pumps
    • Compact and ready-to-install stand-alone pumping unit
    • Design that optimizes the system’s response to variations in demand.
    • Alternation between the “all or nothing” pumps (for more than three pumps) or the varied pump itself.
    • Silent pressure equipment.
    • Modular manufacture configurable according to the required equipment with the outputs ready to tackle the network and the accumulation equipment.
    • Continuous reading of existing pressure, by means of pressure transducer. This value is sent to the speed variator, which analyzes its magnitude, comparing it with the values programmed and stored as operating parameters. As a result, it adjusts the speed of the varied pump, and if necessary starts the successive auxiliary pumps at fixed speed.
    • Total and automatic rotation of the system. Advantages:
      • Fully integrated control
      • Water hammer reduction
      • Elimination of start-up peaks
      • System without contactors and relays that minimizes maintenance.
      • No need for replacement equipment
    • In the HYDRO-VAR -ROT series The varied pump is the one that alternates between all the pumps of the equipment. Optional switch to emergency control by pressure switches in case of failure of the variable speed drive.
    • In the MULTIMASTER series 2 or 3 pumps are controlled with one variator per pump, working as a single system.
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