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The GNI range are monobloc groups, consisting of the standard EN 733 (Ex DIN 24255) pump coupled to a standard motor. This range covers the hydraulic field of application given in the standard with the advantages of its compact construction, easy installation, perfect alignment pump-motor and small dimensions

GNI Serie

    • Monoblock group with standard pump according to EN733 – Ex DIN 24255
    • Flow rates up to 1500 m3 /h.
    • Pressures up to 100 mts.
    • Power up to 100 hp. 74 kw.
    • Speed : 1450 and 2900 RPM.
    • Operating data according to ISO 9906.
    • Standardized electric motors according to EN 60034 / DIN VDE 0530 / IEC 34-72 / IE-3 asynchronous type with squirrel cage rotor, IP 55, and insulation class F.
    • For continuous operation S1 at nominal power.
    • Maximum ambient temperature 40ºC.
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