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Intelligent Heat Detector

  • Standard:    ANSI/UL 521

    Operating Voltage:    17-41 VDC

    Standby Current:    350μA

    Alarm Current:    500μA

    Transmission Method:    DCP - Digital Communication Protocol

    Rate of Rise:    15°F/Min (8.3° C/Min)

    UL Temperature Range:    135°F to 190°F (57.2° C to 87.8° C)

    UL Maximum Spacing:    70 feet Maximum

    Humidity:    95% RH Non-Condensing

    Color & Case Material:    Bone - ABS Blend

    Weight:    3.2oz (4.9 oz. with 4" base)

    Bases:    STK-B14, STK-B26, STK-B3SB, STK-B14SCI, STK-B26SCI

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