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The RN range are Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps with axial suction, single stage, with high resistance bearings for horizontal axis, great robustness, and tangential drive flange.

The horizontal pump RN is designed with a bearing bracket for direct drive by electric motor or diesel, through flexible coupling or by friction by V-belt.

RN Serie

    • Pump casing with axial suction and tangential drive . In its standard design the suction and discharge flanges dimensioned to PN 10.
    • High-strength bearing bracket with oversized bearings, for heavy-duty horizontal shaft, oil-greased
    • Closed mixed flow impeller with large pitch and replaceable wear rings.
    • The standard design of the seal is by means of a soft packing gland.
    • Impulse Ø ranges from DNØ200 to DNØ600
    • Maximum consumption 350 hp – 255 kW.
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