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Short-Circuit Isolator Module

  • Standard:    EN54-17:2005

    Input Voltage:    24VDC [16V to 28V]

    Current Consumption :   Standby 0.15mA, Alarm: 1.8Ma

    Maximum Open Voltage (V SO MAX):    11V

    Minimum Open Voltage (V SO MIN):    8V

    Maximum Close Voltage (V SC MAX):    3V

    Minimum Close Voltage (V SC MIN):    1.4V

    Maximum Continuous Current (I C MAX):    500mA Maximum Transient

    Output Current (I S MAX):    5mA

    Maximum Leakage Current (I L MAX):    2mA

    Max closed impedance (Z C MAX):    0.65ohms

    Protocol/Addressing:    T&A

    Number of monitored:    Max 70 Devices

    Output Impedance:    480 ohms

    Indicator Status:    Indicator Status Normal: Single blink/Active: Steady-on

    Material / Color:    ABS / White Glossy finishing

    Dimension:    108 mm x 86 mm x38 mm

    Weight:    152g (with Base), 81g (without Base)

    Ingress Protection Rating:    IP30

    Humidity:    0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Noncondensing

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