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The electric pumps of the TURBO VORTEX series are submersible units for agitation systems specially designed for agitation and mixing of fluids in pumping wells in waste water installations.

The design has sought both robustness and lightness

Submerged Agitators

  • The submerged agitators of the TURBO VORTEX series consist of a Vortex type impeller and a squirrel cage type electric motor.

    The series for sewage wells consists of two models, Turbo Vortex 300 of 3 hp and Turbo Vortex 550 of 5.5 hp.

    This is an agitator, which starts working some time before the pumps start, in order to remove the decantates from the bottom of the well, and ensure that they are dispersed in the water, so that, when the pumps start, they are pumped out of the pumping well.

    The same manoeuvre is repeated just before stopping the pumps, ensuring the dispersion of any decanting that may have formed, even when the pumps are running and their pumping out of the tank before they stop.

    They do not need to be primed, because they work totally or partially submerged.

    No piping required.

    No lubrication required

    The hydraulic part and the motor of the TURBO VORTEX series are connected by a common shaft.

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