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Decorative, minimalist and elegant, ZEN air curtain is the favourite of architects and designers to include in their building projects. Its smart design and high performance is perfect to blend with any building’s internal or external aesthetics, being also an active part of decoration or premises environment. ZEN air curtain offers infinite possibilities of customization, how far does your imagination go?

The Zen air curtain has obtained CSA certification according to UL and CSA standards for the North American market.

ZEN 60HZ(type:ZEN G)

    • Decorative air curtain in contemporary architectural style. Its minimalist and smart design integrates in any environment and offers infinite options to customize.
    • The panels can include logos, lighting, signage, safety or information signs, graphics, pictures, clocks, all according to customer specifications.
    • Front anodized aluminium panels. Optionally manufactured in brushed or mirror polished stainless steel. Other materials are possible, such as galvanized steel, smooth or texturated skinplate, wood, etc.
    • Central structure made of galvanized steel finished in black forge as standard. Other colours are available on request.
    • Anodized aluminium outlet vanes, airfoil shaped, adjustable in both directions.
    • Double-inlet centrifugal fans driven by an external rotor motor and low noise level. 5-speed selector. EC models assembled with very low consumption efficiency fans.
    • “P” type with water heated coil. “E” type with electrical shielded elements, three stages with integrated regulation. “A” type without heating, air only. Optional expansion DX coil.
    • Includes Plug&Play control with 7m RJ45 cable and infrared remote control. Optional: Clever control (programmable, automatic, intelligent, energy saving, Modbus RTU for BMS…).
    • Air curtain with CSA certification according to UL and CSA for sale in the North American market.
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