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Duyar Valve manufactures HVAC / Fire protection system equipment for the construction industry with 400 professional employees and 7 production facilities in Turkey.


 Starting its activities in 1965 in a small workshop, Duyar Valve has exports to 85 different countries and more than 800 projects worldwide...


Duyar Valve, which has carried out the production of fire products and UL, FM, LPCB, EAC, CE, and TSE certifications for the first time in Turkey, has reinforced its success in Quality Management, Information Security, and Customer Satisfaction Management Systems with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 10002 certificates.  

Duyar Valve, which performs many functional tests of the sprinklers it manufactures in its stations approved by accredited institutions, also performs critical tests such as the throw distance of the sprinkler and the sprinkler protection area in its laboratories under the supervision of its expert staff.  

Sprinklers are produced in all deflector types (Upright, Pendent, Sidewall, ECHL, ELO, ESFR) in scales of K5.6 and K16.8 with a quick and standard reaction between 57 degrees Celsius and 141 degrees Celsius in the facility where Turkey's first sprinklers were produced.


History DUYAR

  • 2009Domestic production of fire products  First balancing valve production in Türkiye

  • 2010 First UL & FM approval (OS&Y Gate Valve) and First Test Drainage Valve manufacturing in Türkiye.

  • 2011 Manufacture of Compact Ball Valve and Patented Lug Strainer.

  • 2012 Türkiye's first sprinkler glass production facility was put into operation, the First Wet Alarm Valve manufacturing in Türkiye, and the First Lug Ball Valve production.

  • 2013 Production of first UL Listed fire pumps and fire doors

  • 2014 ISO 10002:2004 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System Certificate was obtained, becoming the first and only organization in the sector to hold this certificate.  

  • 2016 ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate was obtained.

  • 2017 The company ranked first in the valves category at the Successful Exporters Award given by ISIB based on export performance in 2016.  

  • 2018 The first Dry Alarm Valve System was produced in Türkiye.

  • 2019 Obtaining FM/UL Certificate for Traceable Butterfly Valve  Easy Installation Unit UL Certification  First K:22.4 ESFR Sprinkler Manufacturing in Türkiye

  • 2020 Pre-Action & Deluge Valve Manufacturing, First Grooved Traceable Butterfly Valve Manufacturing in Türkiye, and First Pressure Switch Manufacturing in Türkiye

  • 2021 Obtaining the first Flow Switch IP Certificate in Türkiye 

  • 2022Obtaining FM Certificate for Grooved Traceable Butterfly Valve  Obtaining CE Certificate for Wet Alarm Valve

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