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Bombas IDEAL

For “Bombas Ideal SA”, Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into the internal dynamics of the company and does not obey specific actions with exclusively philanthropic content, but is part of the same strategic direction.

The Company reconciles growth and competitiveness – based on its own competitive advantages – with the return to society of part of the added value generated and with the commitment to social development and environmental improvement, and is currently awarded ISO 14001 certification.

  • The ENVIRONMENTAL dimension is based on the optimisation of the resources used (generalisation of LED light sources in all areas, reuse of water in the Pump Test Bench, minimisation of waste generated…) thus contributing to the improvement of the natural environment of society as a whole.

  • From an ECONOMIC perspective, the commitment of “Bombas Ideal SA” is the creation of long-term added value and ethical behaviour at all decision-making levels within the corporation.

  • From the SOCIAL point of view, the strategy is based on the professional development of the employees, on their continuous training, on the optimum conditions of the working environment (ergonomics, health, safety and cleanliness) and on facilitating the reconciliation of work and family. All this in an environment of maximum respect for all employees.

At the same time, Bombas Ideal collaborates with various entities to help the most needy, NGOs and sports initiatives (including its own facilities for the enjoyment of all employees) with the aim of improving the quality of life of these groups through the transfer of added value generated in economic activity.

Finally, I would like to point out that the donation of equipment for the extraction, distribution and use of water resources contribute to economic and social development, avoiding depopulation due to lack of water and promoting Life in the most disadvantaged areas.

Currently, the Company is in the process of being awarded the “ISO 26000” CSR Certification.


IDEAL History

  • Year 1885. The Company Serrano y Aguilar S.L. founded by Salvador Serrano Mestre, sells hydraulic pumps under the brand IDEAL.

  • Year 1906. The Serrano and Casanova families acquire the Aguilar part, being called BOMBAS IDEAL.

  • Year 1908. Transfer of the central offices to Lauria Street and the factory to the current Avd de la Constitución where it housed a fundamental iron foundry for the manufacture of water pumps.

  • Incorporation of Mr. Salvador Serrano Casanova (second generation), who at the age of 25, managed to take off Bombas Ideal with the manufacture of the then ultramodern centrifugal pumps.

  • Year 1960. Creation of the Export Department, under the direction of the recently incorporated Mr. Salvador Serrano Sastre (third generation).

  • Year 1969. With the incorporation of Mr. Fernando Serrano Sastre (third generation), the Department of Methods and Times was created and productivity was increased without reducing quality to unthinkable levels.

  • The ’70s. Relocation of headquarters from Lauria Street to Navarro Reverter.

  • Year 1986. Beginning of the current facilities in Massalfassar, counting on the most advanced technology.

  • Year 1994. The fourth generation, formed by Mr. Salvador and Mr. Fernando, hold the positions of Chairman and CEO of Bombas Ideal.




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