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EBAR prefabricated pumping stations are fully automated equipment, specially designed for pumping wastewater either main pumping stations, or intermediate, managing wastewater, mainly in places where it is not possible or economical drainage by gravity.

Eliminate unwanted odour problems due to sulphide build-up in wastewater.

Due to their high resistance, they can be buried

EBAR Serie

    • EBAR pumping stations are built in PVRF with inlet and outlet piping, cable outlet and ventilation.
    • Installation of two submerged sewage pumps, ARS series, for flows between 10 and 600 m3/h, with impellers, grinders, drainage, vortex, single-channel open, single-channel or multi-channel (according to needs) and quick coupling systems and guide tubes.
    • Stainless steel chains for pump insertion.
    • Its working capacity can be configured according to needs, either in useful volume or in impulse power.
    • Level switches, for function control
    • Bulkheads for pump and signal cables.
    • Check and shut-off valves
    • Access rag (man’s mouth) with anti-fall bars.
    • Access ladder to the pumps.
    • Ventilation outlet
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