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The VHC series are Vertical Helical Centrifugal Pumps, for large flows at medium heights, used to pump a liquid at moderate pressure from lakes, ponds, marine catchments. It is suitable to be driven by solid shaft electric motor, hollow shaft electric or diesel through pulleys (flat / grooved) transmission, or gear heads. The impellers are of the helical type. The pump is supported by sections of column pipes, and shafts with sleeves that connect it to the outside. An external head fulfills the double mission, to discharge the pumped liquid, and to transmit to the pump the power of the motor it supports. Custom fabrication for every application and installation.

Helicocentrifugal Vertical Pumps

  • The HCV series installations are made up of three parts:

    • Hydraulic body
      • The composition of the hydraulic body is roughly formed by a body of one or two pump bodies and one or two helical impellers. The whole of impellers rotate with a central shaft that transmits the power of the motor.
    • Hydraulic column
      • The hydraulic column is formed by stages, depending on the depth of the well. These stages are formed by a steel tube, a central shaft (which joins the pump shaft and the and a separator with a central bearing to join the stages.
    • Head
      • The outer head is anchored to the bearing plane, discharging the flow from the pump to the pump. outside pipe may be:
        • Above the plane of support, allowing easy maintenance and revision of the elements installed in the rising main.
        • Below the plane of support, normally due to overcome the small unevenness.
        • Underneath the work surface, with two flanges (suction/drive) for installations of rebombing.
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