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Semi-rigid Fire Hose Reel

  • MODEL BFE-MS-001 BFE-AS-002 BFE-MS-003 BFE-AS-004
    Standard BS EN 671-1
    Type Manual Automatic Manual Automatic
    Hose Inside Diameter 25mm 19mm
    Hose Length & Type 30m - Semi-Rigid, Double Braided Polyester Cord-Reinforced Rubber BS EN 694
    Assembly Components Isolation Ball Valve, Connection Hose, Swinging Arm, Reel, Hose, Nozzle
    Working Pressure 12bar
    Test Pressure 18bar
    Nozzle Orifice Diameter 8mm 6mm
    Flow Rate at 4bar 56L/m 34L/m
    Flow Rate at 6bar 68L/m 41L/m
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