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Addressable Sounder Strobe

  • Standard:    EN54-3:2001+A1:2002 + A2:2006

    Input Voltage:    Loop Power: 24VDC [18V to 27.5V]

                                    External PSU: 24 VDC [20V to 27.5V]

    Typical Current:    Loop: Standby 0.6mA, Alarm: 1.5mA

                                        External PSU: Standby 0.6mA, Alarm: 15mA

    Saving Current:    Standby 1.2mA, Alarm: 9mA

    Protocol/Addressing:    T&A, Value range from 1 to 254

    Tones:    17 Tones (refers to Manual)

    Address Sequence:    Single Address: Evacuate tone

    Dual Address:    1st Alert Tone / 2nd Evacuate tone

    Strobe Light:    10 Highlights LED

    Material / Color:    ABS / Red Glossy finishing

    Dimension:    Diameter 110 mm / 39.6 (with Base)

    Weight:    176g (with Base), 110g (Without Base)

    Ingress Protection Rating:    IP21

    Class:    Type A, Indoors Operating

    Temperature:    -10°C to +50°C

    Humidity:    0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Noncondensing

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