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Manual Call Point

  • Standard: EN 54-11

    Operating Voltage: 12VDC ~ 28VDC

    Standby: Current ≤0.5mA

    Alarm Current: ≤20mA (equivalent resistance is 470 / 1W)

    LED indicator: Red, Illuminating when alarm fire

    Wiring: Two-wire

    Class: Type A, indoor use

    Ingress Protection Rating: IP43

    Temperature:  -10⁰C ~ + 55⁰C

    Humidity:  ≤95%, non-condensing

    Dimensions: (LxWxH): 88mm x 88mm x 58mm (w/ back box)

                               (LxWxH): 88mm x 88mm x 23mm (w/out back box)

    Weight: About 160g (w/ back box)

                     About 107g (w/out back box)

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