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The RNL range are vertical suction pumps with horizontal suction and compact design, with one or two stages and EN 733 (ex DIN 2455) standard features. The suction and discharge flanges (in line) for PN10 allow their installation directly in the pipe.


Its design allows the revision of all rotating and internal parts without the need to disconnect the pump body from the suction and discharge piping.

Pumps with two stages can operate both in parallel (to increase the flow) or leaving one in reserve.

RNL Serie

  • Pumps suitable for lifting and transferring liquids in:

    • Recirculation systems
    • Pressure Equipment
    • Cooling and heating systems
    • Transfer of industrial liquids without solid particles
    • Ballast water bilges
    • Tank washing
    • Flushing
    • Domestic hot water
    • Industry in general (steelworks, chemistry, petrochemistry, food, paper, …)
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