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Noise in Modern Air Conditioners and How to Get Rid of It

Updated: Mar 28


If you've ever experienced staying somewhere with an old air conditioner that makes annoying noises all night, you may have faced the frustration it brings. However, it should be understood that the noise from old air conditioners is not necessarily something to be tolerated, as modern air conditioners can significantly reduce this issue.


Noise is usually defined as "unwanted sound that often causes annoyance." However, noise can be subjective and vary from person to person.

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). When referring to noise levels, the A-weighted decibel (dBA) unit is used, which accounts for adjustments calculated based on the human ear's sensitivity to sound frequency. Noise levels range from 0 dBA as the quietest sound detectable by the human ear, to 140 dBA, which can cause physical harm upon exposure. It should be noted that any prolonged exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 dBA can cause hearing damage.

Noise Levels in Air Conditioners:

Noise levels in air conditioners are influenced by several factors such as age, type, and condition of the unit. In the past, it was common for old air conditioners to produce noticeable noise, but with technological advancements, modern units have become quieter.

Noise levels vary from unit to unit, and ratings can be found in product specifications. It's preferred for the noise of the indoor air conditioner unit to be much lower than that of the outdoor unit. Certain techniques are used in modern units, such as inverter technology, to maintain low and steady noise levels.

How to Reduce Noise:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Noise can be reduced by regularly cleaning filters, vents, and heat exchangers to avoid forcing the air conditioner to work harder.

  2. Proper Installation: Air conditioner units should be installed on a stable surface to avoid vibrations, and in the case of uneven floors, foam should be used to absorb shocks.

  3. Reducing Fan Speed: Fan speed can be reduced to minimize noise levels, although this may affect the unit's ability to cool the room.


By using modern technology and performing regular maintenance, homeowners can enjoy quiet and efficient air conditioners. By following the guidelines mentioned above, noise can be minimized to the lowest possible level.

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