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Rosenberg Group

Since 1981 Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH, located in Künzelsau-Gaisbach, has developed into an outstanding centre of the air movement and air handling industry by design and production of controllable external rotor motors


The entire production of all parts including motors, fans, controllers and complete air handling units makes us independent of suppliers and allows us to develop fast and specific solutions for our clients.

Rosenberg is a competitive medium sized company with around 1400 employees worldwide. During the last 20 years the Rosenberg Group has been complemented in Europe by seven additional works in France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany.In addition to this there are numerous subsidiaries and partners around the world.

The total turnover of the Rosenberg Group is 150 Million Euros worldwide, 65 Million in Germany.


With an annual production of about 120.000 fans, we currently export 55% of the total company turnover.


Important key data of Rosenberg’s business development:


  • 1981 Formation of the company Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH in Künzelsau, Germany.

  • 1983 Establishment of the first overseas branches: Airpro (Rosenberg-France) in Lyon/France. Rosenberg-Netherland in DenDolder/Netherland.

  • 1986 Foundation of Airtècnics in Barcelona/Spain.



  • 1987 Air Handling Unit production started in Künzelsau.

  • 1990 Production of external rotor motors was established in Künzelsau.

  • 1991 Bavairia production of belt driven radial fans started.

  • 1992 DGT (Rosenberg-Italia) in SanVito/Italy begins to produce forward curved impellers.


  • 1993 Klenci production of motor components started.

  • 1994 Takeover of the French fan manufacturer ECOFIT (Vendome/France).

  • 1995 Hungary production of AHU´s started.

  • 1998 Opening of our Russian distribution offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg und Novosibirsk.

  • 2000 Start of a new production line for air handling units in Glaubitz (near Riesa).


  •  2002 Takeover of the French fan manufacturer ETRI by our subsidiary company ECOFIT. Own branch office located in Charlotte/USA: Etri Inc (Rosenberg-USA).

  • 2003 Formation of 100% subsidaries in Australia (Melbourne) und China (Shanghai) for the sale and assembling of our products. 2004 Start of our branch offices in Dubai (Rosenberg Middle East) for the Arabien market as well as in Kiev (Rosenberg Ukraina) for Ukraine.

  • 2006 Expansion of the business area of the air conditioning technology. Taking over company Rox Lufttechnik GmbH, Weitefeld, Germany. Re-start of ROX Klimatechnik GmbH.

  • 2008 Certification of the test chambers in Künzelsau by TÜV-SÜD.

  • 2010 Opening of the new casting and stamping in Medzev (Slovakia).

  • 2011 Dedication of the new production hall (4.400 m²) in Künzelsau.

  • 2012 Dedication of a further production hall in Klenci (Czech Republic).

  • 2013 - 2019 Intensive expansion of sales activities worldwid.

  • 2020 Enlargement of offices (Werk4) at the Künzelsau headquarters.




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